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IEEE SPCOM-TC Committee Functions

The Signal Processing for Communications and Networking (SPCOM) Technical Committee is charged with the mission of promoting activities within its area of technical interest, and is required to provide expertise and assistance as follows:

  • Assist with the review of papers within the scope of the TC, in cooperation with journal and magazine editors

  • Assist in the review of papers submitted to Society conferences

  • Organize and operate independent symposia, seminars, and workshops (e.g., the SPAWC), or sessions at technical meetings of the Society or of the IEEE, at all levels, and at meetings of other organizations having cooperative relationships with the Society, in accordance with IEEE rules and procedures and the rules for such meetings

  • Make nominations in the Society awards process

  • Organize and review manuscripts on Signal Processing for Communications submitted to the annual ICASSP conference

  • Assist in the development of appropriate IEEE standards within the scope of the TC, according to the rules and procedures of the IEEE

IEEE-SPS Bylaws on Technical Activities