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Language Processing (Xiaodong He, Ruhi Sarikaya, Haizhou Li)

Strengthen the presence and the role of the TC in the language technical community, attracting both strong papers to our conferences and workshops, and exploiting the newsletter as a means to reach out to new members.


Electronic Newsletter (Andrew Rosenberg, Haizhou Li, Florian Metze, Svetlana Stoyanchev, Izhak Shafran)

Expand the circulation and maintain the TC newsletter in the areas outlined in our EDICS. Ensure that the newsletter is easily accessible and enable the larger community to participate in writing articles and providing views and suggestions in the form of blogs or other similar means.


Meetings Preparation (Najim Dehak, Nicholas Evans)

Help prepare for conferences and workshops, especially for the review process.


Fellows (Rainer Martin, Malcolm Slaney, John Hershey)

Identify key individuals from the speech and language areas that deserve being nominated as IEEE Fellows. Work with other Fellows in the community to complete and file nominations. This TC, as a committee, will not endorse Fellow nomination for any individual.


Workshops (George Saon, Israel Cohen, Jasha Droppo, Jason Williams, Raul Fernandez)

Promote having IEEE-sponsored workshops in the areas outlined in the TC EDICS. Conduct an election should multiple proposals be submitted for any given event. Provide new workshop organizers with the help necessary to get them started in organizing their event.


EDICS (Alexandros Potamianos, Yifan Gong, Shinji Watanabe)

Manage and maintain the EDICS for the TC, ensure it is being used throughout all our conferences and workshops, and continue consistency between the EDICS used for this TC and the Transaction.


Policies and Procedures (Reinhold Haeb-Umbach, Frank Seide)

Manage and maintain the policies and procedures of the TC, ensuring that it is up to date, and that all activates of the TC are being followed based on this document.


Education (Takayui Arai, Kay Berkling, Tom Bäckström, Mark Gales, Michael Johnson)

Act as the TC liaison for the education area and participate in SPS activities and meetings.


Nominations and Awards (Peder Olsen, Julia Hirschberg, Satoshi Nakamura, Pedro A. Torres-Carrasquillo)

Manage the SPS awards nomination process for the TC. Conduct awards election and identify final nominations. The list of awards are available on the SPS website.


Communications (Korin Richmond, Jon Barker, Tomoki Toda)

Manage and maintain the SLTC website and SLTC-SPS mailing list.


Industry (Ananth Sankar, Hagen Soltau)

Support the Membership Board in liaising with industry and government regarding the activities of the SLTC.


External Relations (Junichi Yamagishi, Gernot Kubin, Maurizio Omologo)

Strengthen the relationship of the TC with other international societies that have interest in the areas outlined in the TC EDICS. Establish joint activities and sponsored events.


Student Awards (Deep Sen, Mike Seltzer, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, Svetlana Stoyanchev)

Manage the ICASSP student awards process for the speech and language area. Identify finalists.


Member Election (Larry Heck, Andreas Stolcke, Moriya Takehiro, Steve Renals, Douglas Reynolds)

Manage the TC member election process. Solicit candidates in the areas identified in the TC EDICS, conduct the election, and identify finalists.


HLT-ACL board liaison (Julia Hirschberg)

Help strengthen the representation of speech technology within the HLT-ACL board. All members of this committee are also members of the HLT-ACL board.


SPS Board liaison (Li Deng, Mari Ostendorf)

The members of this committee are typically guest members of SLTC who are also part of one or more SPS boards.


ICASSP 2016 S&L Area Chairs (Björn Schuller, Michiel Bacchiani, Haizhou Li, Karen Livescu)

Manage the ICASSP review process including assignment of reviewers to papers, coordinating meta-reviews by SLTC members, making final decisions, allocating papers to sessions, and inviting session chairs.