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Multimedia Signal Processing Technical Committee


Awards Subcommittee

Chair: Homer Chen, Frederic Dufaux
Members: André Kaup, Jenq-Neng Hwang, Stefano Tubaro

  • Issue open call for SPS awards nominations.
  • Manage awards voting among TC members and identify endorsed nominations.
  • Submit endorsed nominations to the SPS Awards Board.

Nominations and Elections Subcommittee

Chair: Jane Wang
Members: Patrick Le Callet, Xiaokang Yang, Jie Liang

Conferences & Workshop Conference Subcommittee

Chair: Pascal Frossard
Members: Cha Zhang, Tao Mei, Ioannis Pitas, Xiao-Ping Zhang

  • Prepare and disseminate open call for future MMSP workshops.
  • Discuss support and involvement of TC in related workshops and conferences, such as ICME.
  • Evaluate and make recommendation to the TC on events seeking technical co-sponsorship.

Technical Directions Subcommittee

Chair: Cha Zhang
Members: Marta Mrak, Dong Xu, Shrikanth Narayanan, Ghassan AlRegib

  • Manage and maintain the EDICS for the TC and ensure it is being used consistently in all TC related conferences and workshops.
  • Work with the Editor-in-Chief's of IEEE Transactions on Multimedia and the various SP Society Transactions to ensure that MMSP areas are accurately represented in the EDICS of these Transactions.

Industry/Government Subcommittee

Chair: Tao Mei
Members: Zhu Li, Peter Schelkens

  • Looks for and engages in opportunities for greater interaction with Industry and Government.

Webmaster Subcommittee

Chair: Ce Zhu
Members: Joao Ascenso, Sanghoon Lee

  • Maintain the TC web site together with SPS staff.
  • Maintain list for communicating with Associate and Affiliate Members.

Newsletter Subcommittee

Chair: Winston Hsu
Members: Fabrice Labeau, Samson Cheung

  • Solicit material and edit the MMSP newsletter.

Student Subcommittee

Chair: Joao Ascenso
Members: Lu Fang

  • Looks for and engages in opportunities for greater interaction and involvement of students with the TC activities and events.

Education Subcommittee

Chair: Gaurav Sharma
Members: Houqiang Lee

  • Looks for and engages in opportunities for providing educations opportunities for the MMSP research community.

Liaisons & Representatives

Area Chairs (ICIP)

Chair: Jianfei Cai
Members: Ce Zhu, Sanghoon Lee

  • • Helps the ICIP organizing committee and the IVMSP TC in overviewing the review process for areas relevant to the MMSP-TC.

Regional Representatives

  • Regions 1-6: Samson Cheung
  • Regions 7: Jie Liang
  • Region 8: Peter Schelkens
  • Region 9: (adj) Ricardo de Queiroz
  • Region 10: Jianfei Cai

Special Assignments

  • TC Chair: Enrico Magli
  • Past Chair: Dinei Florencio
  • TMM Steering Committee: Dinei Florencio (2014-16)


  • 2016 Technical Program Chair: Jenq-Neng Hwang
  • 2017 Technical Program Chair: to be nominated
  • Steering Committee (13-14): Homer Chen
  • Steering Committee (14-15): Weisi Lin
  • Steering Committee (15-16): Tao Mei
  • Steering Committee (TC Chair): Enrico Magli

Non-Voting Members

  • TMM EIC: Chang Wen Chen
  • MMSP 2013 Chairs: Enrico Magli, Marco Tagliasacchi, and Daniele Guisto
  • MMSP 2014 Chairs: Zhengyou Zhang, and Susanto Rahardja
  • MMSP 2015 Chairs: Oscar Au, Xiao-Ping Zhang, and Jonathan Li