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Information Forensics and Security Technical Committee

WIFS 2012 IFS-TC Meeting Minutes

Monday 3 December 2012, 12:30 – 14:00 PM, WIFS 2012, Tenerife, Spain
Minutes prepared by Gwenaël Doërr, Min Wu and Mauro Barni.

IFS-TC voting members: M. Wu, M. Barni, T. Furon, P. Bas, J. Huang, S. Voloshynovskiy, P. Campisi, A. Rocha, F. Perez-Gonzalez, G. Doërr, A. Piva, J. Fridrich, S. Rane (via skype), R. Merker (on behalf of J. Dittmann)
Guests: P. Comesana, A. Ker

1. The meeting started at 12:30pm.

2. WIFS’12
The workshop was jointly organized by the University of Vigo and the University of Laguna. 94 people registered to attend the conference which maintains a ratio attendees/papers of 2, relatively high compared to other SPS conference and in line with previous editions of WIFS. The workshop attracted more than $20k in financial support from various corporate, institutional, and governmental entities. This resulted in a 30% surplus with respect to the regular financial forecast. The organization committee therefore decided to fund a best paper award and a best student paper award. The potential impact of various social networking sites to better communicate with the community has been highlighted.
WIFS’12 attracted a record number of 160 submissions which clearly demonstrates the built-up of WIFS’ reputation. Each paper has been reviewed by at least 3 reviewers and most of the time 4. The acceptance rate was 30% which is within historical figures. To accommodate for the increase of accepted papers, 2 poster sessions were introduced for the first time in the technical programme of WIFS. 3 awards will be presented during the banquet: 2 funded by the conference and 1 funded by the European project REWIND.

3. WIFS’13
WIFS’ subcommittee received this year a single proposal to organize WIFS’13. After a number of review rounds to improve the proposal, the whole TC voted by email in September. The result of the ballot was positive and WIFS’13 will therefore be held in Guangzhou, China and organized by J. Huang and T. Kalker.
The progress so far included: building the program committee, drafting and circulating call for paper, setting up the website, selecting the reviewing system, finalizing the preliminary budget, etc. There were still a number of pending items e.g. opening the concentration bank account and securing the conference venue.
The latter one actually had to be postponed after learning that GlobalSIP’13 in Austin, TX, whose dates were recently decided, was in direct conflict with WIFS’13. After a short discussion, the TC members agreed to shift the dates of WIFS’13 to avoid such conflict, while also avoiding Thanksgiving vacation in the USA. A short poll was conducted during the banquet to get feedback from the community and it has been agreed to move WIFS’13 one week earlier.

4. WIFS and new SPS conferences
SPS eventually decided to hold GlobalSIP in the November/December period. The TC will explore the opportunity to pair up GlobalSIP and WIFS, when WIFS is expected to be held in the USA according to our informal rotation schedule. This will be typically the case in 2014. The benefit for the IFS TC would be essentially to lighten the load with respect to cost, finances, and organization.
Attending TC members raised a number of concerns/suggestions and the TC Chair will liaise with GlobalSIP to get further information.

5. EDICS updates for ICASSP/ICIP
The new IFS EDICS have been accepted for ICASSP.
The IFS EDICS for ICIP were currently being discussed to replace the old 3.5 COM-WSE. They were derived from the ICASSP EDICS by removing all items that were not related to image/video/visual processing. EDICS related to video-surveillance and biometrics had to be revisited to account for already well-established tracks at ICIP (6.ARS and 6.4 ARS-BIM).

6. Elevator SPS publication scheme
The IEEE Signal Processing Letters recently launched a new initiative. Authors who have published in IEEE SPL over the last year can apply to present their papers at ICASSP and ICIP. The manuscript will not be published a second time in the proceedings of the conference. The full process is yet to be finalized and the first test trial will take place during ICASSP 2013.
This paradigm is likely to be extended to all IEEE SPS Transactions for ChinaSIP and GlobalSIP.

7. IFS Forensics Challenge
A. Piva, A. Rocha, and J. Huang will run the first IFS Challenge in 2013. The challenge will consist of two phases. The first phase (2 months) will be dedicated to image tampering detection; the second phase (3 months) will focus on tampering localization. The 700 forgeries will be produced by students from A. Rocha and J. Huang research teams.
The challenge is planned to start after ICASSP and to stop before WIFS, where the winner of the challenge will be announced. The organizers anticipate $10k financial support from IEEE SPS and the European project REWIND. The objective is to fund travel grants for the 2 runner-ups of the challenge as well as the best forger (5 people total). REWIND partners and members of the organization committee will not be eligible to win the challenge.
The website subcommittee will soon add a link from the SPS IFS web page. IEEE SPS is reluctant to pay for servers that would host the website of the challenge. The inclination of the Society is to privilege solutions relying on hosting services in the cloud. The website subcommittee will investigate what would be the cost of such online services to host all IFS websites, including WIFS, challenges, summer schools, etc.

8. Elections
There were two candidates running for the position of Vice Chair this year: G. Doërr and F. Perez-Gonzalez. G. Doërr has been elected as Vice Chair of the IFS TC for 2013 and will become the Chair during 2014-2015 according to the bylaws of the TC. 11 new members were also elected this year using the new TC voting rule (approval + preferential).
M. Barni, who is retiring, has been recently appointed IEEE-SPS Regional Director for Region 8.
Greater care should be taken in the upcoming year on the balance of the IFS TC, including area coverage, geographical coverage, gender diversity, junior/senior diversity, etc. The TC will liaise with the MMSP TC. They are using an Excel template to provide a snapshot of the TC and help TC members appreciating the impact of their vote.

9. Awards
The TC endorsed this year the candidature of Mauro Barni as a Distinguished Lecturer. The TC Chair was glad to announce that he had been selected by the Society for 2013-2014.
The IFS TC also endorsed 3 nominations this year:

  • Yagiz Sutcu, Qiming Li, and Nasir Memon, "Protecting Biometric Templates With Sketch: Theory and Practice" for the IEEE SPS Best Paper award;
  • Hany Farid, "Image Forgery Detection: A Survey" for the IEEE Best SPM Paper award;
  • Weiqi Luo (young author), Fangjun Huang and Jiwu Huang, "Edge adaptive image steganography based on LSB matching revisited" for the IEEE Young Author Best Paper Award.

In 2013, the Awards Subcommittee will revisit the IFS endorsement process (i) to make a better use of the Area Chairs and (ii) to make the nomination/endorsement process more open in accordance with the new IEEE SPS bylaws.

10. ChinaSIP
The first edition of ChinaSIP will take place in July 2013 in Beijing, China. Both M. Wu and J. Huang are involved in the organization of the conference and will provide the IFS TC with fresh news as they come in.

11. Website
This year, a resources section has been introduced on the IFS web page.TC members were encouraged to send their input to enrich this section. All TC members were also reminded to provide fresh inputs to keep the job marketplace and the message board lively.
Next year, the subcommittee will investigate if it makes sense to engage on popular social platforms.

12. Educational activities
No Seasonal School has been organized by the IFS TC so far. The procedure is now in place and TC members were encouraged to put up a proposal, e.g. back-to-back with WIFS.
The IFS TC should also explore how to get involved in the SP Cup in the future. The SP Cup is geared towards students rather than researchers compared to the IFS challenge.
SPS is making great efforts to put a number of tutorials online for educational purpose. IFS TC members were encouraged to audio or video tape their presentation when they are doing a tutorial.

13. SigPort
SPS launched a new initiative to set in place a technical report repository. The idea is to have something similar to arxiv, hosted by IEEE, and tailored for the SPS needs. To guarantee sustainability, SPS envision a publication fee of $10 per page for technical reports and a low flat rate for PhD thesis.
This is currently in shaping process and any input is welcome.

14. Mailing list for retired members
A mailing list has been put in place for retired members.

15. Next Meeting
The next TC meeting will be held in Vancouver, Canada, during ICASSP 2013 (May 26-31, 2013).
The meeting was adjourned at 14:20 without objection.

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