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Information Forensics and Security Technical Committee

WIFS 2011 IFS-TC Meeting Minutes

Wednesday November 30, 2011, 19:00-20:20 (GMT-2)
In Foz do Iguacu, Brazil
Prepared by Min Wu and Mauro Barni

IFS-TC voting members:: (WIFS organizers) Dinei Florencio, Nasir Memon, Jay Kuo, Mauro Barni, Fernando Perez-Gonzalez, Gwenaël Doërr, Shantanu Rane, and a few more.
Skype: Min Wu.
Guests: (WIFS organizers) Anderson Rocha, Hari Kalva and Ricardo de Queiroz.

1. M. Barni called for the meeting at 19:00 (GMT-2)

2. Roundtable for introductions

3. Report on TC Review during ICASSP 2011:

M. Barni briefed the TC on the SPS TC review for our TC during ICASSP 2011. M. Barni and M. Wu participated in the review on behalf of the TC, and it went very well. Our TC was praised for doing exemplary job on a number of aspects, especially on developing a successful workshop series, informative web pages, and attracting affiliate members from the community.

The review committee gave a few constructive feedbacks for our TC to reflect and improve. These include the procedures and timing for TC-level award nomination and endorsement. In particular, award nomination should be open to the community; TC subcommittees and track chairs can be encouraged to proactively identify worthy papers and individuals and encourage nominations, but the nomination process should be open and are not limited to those identified by the subcommittees.

The expertise gap between current members and ICASSP/ICIP/WIFS topic areas were also discussed, and the TC was encouraged to utilize associate membership to fill in the gap. The needs of EDICS updates for IFS related topics at ICASSP and ICIP were also mentioned, and our TC was encouraged to carry out this update to reflect the broadened scope of the IFS areas and also coordinate with other TCs that have some topic overlap with ours.

4. WIFS 2011 Report

WIFS 2011 was very successful. The Organizing Team made a strong effort to coordinate with the Brazilian Police Force (which is in preparations to ensure security for the future World Cup and Olympic Games) and co-locate with Brazilian police force events that were independently managed from ours.

WIFS Technical Co-Chair J. Kuo reported that the technical program received 123 paper submissions, 40 papers were accepted. There are 110 attendees at this WIFS, whereby the tutorials are included in the regular registration. Technical sessions and tutorials have been well attended. WIFS attracted funding support to offer substantial Student Travel Award (2 Gold awards at $2000 each, 2 Silver Awards at $1000 each).

WIFS General Co-Chair D. Florencio also reported two industry grants of $10K total have also been approved by the companies but are still in the process of processing payment due to various delays beyond control. This may lead to a high surplus for the conference, and the organizing team would wish to be able to apply the fund to support next year’s WIFS. This may need to consultation and approval from SPS Conference Board.

5. WIFS 2012 Report (to be held next year)

Next WIFS’s General Chair F. Perez-Gonzalez reported the progress for WIFS 2012. This will be held in Tenerife, the beautiful Spanish Canary Islands. Social network features are being explored to connect with the IFS community and potential authors.

6. On-going effort

- Web page update; provide job marketplace information as part of effort from SPS Technical Direction Board and Industry Service Committee.
- Updates on subcommittee (to reflect the newly elected members and retiring members).
- WIFS 2013 proposal: encourage more TC members to be active in giving feedbacks.
- IFS community building and growth

7. Next meeting

The next TC meeting will be held in Kyoto, Japan, during ICASSP 2012 (March 25-30, 2015). The meeting was adjourned at 20:20 without objection.