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Information Forensics and Security Technical Committee

ICASSP 2010 IFS-TC Meeting Minutes

17 March 2010, 7:00 - 8:30, ICASSP 2010, Dallas, TX
Minutes prepared by Mauro Barni and Min Wu.

IFS-TC members: M. Barni, M. Wu, G. Doërr, J. Fridrich, F. Perez-González, G. Sharma, H. V. Zhao
Invited guests: D. Florencio (Microsoft research), Y. Sun (Univ. Rhode Island)

1. M. Barni called for the meeting at 7:05AM. Role calls for the attendants to introduce themselves.

2. TC Membership Plan
Barni communicated the plans regarding the election of new members for the next years. The TC currently has 24 voting members, and one member (the Past Chair) will retire by the end of 2010.
According to the Bylaws, 7 slots will be available for election of new members with term starting in 2011.
In this way, the TC will reach a steady state with about one third of the members retiring each year, for a whole cycle to be completed every 3 years.

3. WIFS 2010
The organizational status of the WIFS workshop was reviewed. And the strategy for the advertising of the workshop was discussed.
It is suggested that authors of papers be asked to pay a full registration fee, and one such fee may cover more than one papers. This is consistent with the practice of other SPS conferences.
Information will continue to be passed from the organizers of WIFS 2009 to the organizers of WIFS 2010.

4. New TC Bylaws
M. Barni informed the TC members about the new master template of TC bylaws that have been approved by SPS.
The main differences between the new bylaws and the old ones were discussed in details. Among them particular attention is given to the following issues:

  • Three kinds of memberships are available now: elected voting members, associate members, affiliate members. It was suggested that former IFS-TC members and WIFS organizers are considered for associate membership. It was also suggested to proactively invite possibly interested researchers to join the IFS-TC as affiliate member;
  • According to the old bylaws, the TC did not have the vice-chair position who will serve as Chair-Elect. This Vice Chair position was introduced in the new bylaws conforming to the new SPS policies. In order to align the TC to the new bylaws, it is decided that by the end of 2010, an election of the vice-chair (playing the role of chair-elect) is held. The vice-chair term during such a transition period will last one year instead of two. A steady state will be reached with the election of the 2012-2013 vice-chair, and such election will be held by the end on 2011.

5. TC subcommittees
M. Barni communicated the plan to set up a few subcommittees to help engage TC members in running the TC activities. The first subcommittees to be created are as follows. Members will be contacted shortly for serving on one or more of such committees.

  • Awards subcommittee: to handle the nomination and endorsement for awards and distinguished lecturers;
  • Nomination and election subcommittee: to handle the nomination of new members and vice-chair and the ballot;
  • Bylaws subcommittee: to revise the TC bylaws and harmonize them with the new SPS bylaws;
  • Web-site subcommittee: to manage the TC web-site;
  • WIFS subcommittee: to handle the call or proposals for WIFS workshop and the voting process among the submitted proposals.

6. Next meeting
The next TC meeting will be held in Seattle, during the WIFS 2010 workshop.

The meeting was adjourned without objection.

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