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Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems Technical Committee

Mission Statement

Activities of the Technical Committee on DISPS


  • two meetings per year
    • one in the Spring at the Int. Conf. on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP)
    • one in Fall at the Signal Processing Systems (SiPS) Workshop
  • nominations for Signal Processing Society awards
  • review of papers for ICASSP and SiPS
  • organization of the annual SiPS Workshop
  • representation of the technical Committee in various Signal Processing Society bodies


DISPS Policies

DISPS TC bylaws and policies have been defined and amended in earlier TC meetings since 1989. Many of these policies conflicted the SPS technical committee policies introduced in 2009. Therefore, in 2010, DISPS TC agreed to follow the SPS technical committee policies.

DISP TC agreed that DISPS Chair and Vice Chair terms are two years and Past Chair term is one year. In addition, transition rules were defined to be followed over a short a sunset period:

  • 1) Members elected in 2010 will have terms of three years as defined in the SPS TC policies.

Members who began their term before 2010 follow the previous DISPS bylaws, which defined the membership term as four years:

  • 2) Members elected between 1999~2003 will retire at the end of 2010 after finishing two terms.
  • 3) Members elected in 2004- 2006 will serve for two terms (8 years), and they retire in 2011 - 2013, respectively.
  • 4) Members elected in year 2007 - 2009 will serve for one term of four years, and they should be nominated again to become the 2nd term members. Their first term ends in 2010 - 2012, respectively.