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Becoming a Member


If you are interested on DISPS activities, join as Affiliate Member:

If you are interested to join the DISPS TC, there is currently a Call-for-Nominations.

Nominations should be e-mailed to the Nominations and Elections Subcommittee: Prof. Gwo Giun (Chris) Lee ( and Prof. Naveen Verma (

The deadline to receive nominations is November 1, 2015 .

Nominations are open to all IEEE SPS members in good standing. New member candidates can be self-nominated or nominated by Technical Committee members. Members will serve a term of three-years. Past Technical Committee members are eligible to be nominated for a second term. Current Technical Committee members may also be nominated for a second consecutive term, but are not eligible to vote in the new member election and cannot be part of the Nominations and Elections Subcommittee for that election. Additional terms are allowed, but at least a 3-year gap in service is required.

Nomination emails should provide the following information:
1. Biography with a statement from the nominee expressing their willingness to serve on the DISPS TC and perform the duties described in the Society Bylaws and Policies and Procedures, if elected.

2. List of recent papers published in IEEE ICASSP DISPS track and IEEE SiPS Workshop.

3. Name(s) of nominator(s). (Self-nomination is allowed, i.e., nominee and nominator is the same person. Other nominees must be current DISPS TC members. There should be no more than two nominators.)

TC members are expected to (1) attend TC meetings at least once a year (DISPS has two TC meetings every year, one in ICASSP and the other in SiPS) and (2) actively participate in the paper review for ICASSP DISPS track and SiPS.