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Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing Technical Committee

Educational Activities

The AASP TC is actively supporting the educational activities of the IEEE SPS. This website provides links to some of these activities.

Online Video Library

The IEEE SPS offers an Online Video Library with tutorial resources on fundamental and emerging signal processing topics. The following videos are related to the AASP TC.

Presenter Title Year
George Tzanetakis Music Information Retrieval 2013
Meinard Müller Music Processing using Chroma Features 2013
Meinard Müller, Peter Grosche Tempo and Beat Tracking 2013


The following tutorials related to the AASP TC have been presented at previous ICASSP conferences.

Presenter Title Year
Alexey Ozerov, Antoine Liutkus, Gael Richard Informed Audio Source Separation: Trends, Approaches and Algorithms
Emanuël Habets, Sharon Gannot Linear and Parametric Microphone Array Processing
George Tzanetakis, Sidney Fels Multi-modal user interfaces: a new music instruments perspective 2013
Tomohiro Nakatani, Armin Sehr, Walter Kellermann Reverberant Speech Processing for Human Communication and Automatic Speech Recognition 2012
Israel Cohen, Sharon Gannot, Ronen Talmon Speech Modeling and Enhancement Using Diffusion Maps 2012
Paris Smaragdis, Bhiksha Raj Applications of Topic Models to Speech and Audio Signal Processing 2011
Meinard Müller, Anssi Klapuri Music Signal Processing 2011
Malcolm Slaney, David V. Anderson Applications of Psychoacoustics to Signal Processing 2009
Meinard Müller Analysis and Retrieval Techniques for Music and Motion Data 2009
Shoji Makino, Hiroshi Sawada Audio Source Separation based on Independent Component Analysis 2007

Distinguished Lectures

The following distinguished lectures have been given by current and former members of the AASP TC.

Lecturer Title Year
Shoji Makino Blind Audio Source Separation based on Independent Component Analysis 2009/10
Walter Kellermann Tackling the Acoustic Front-end for Distant-Talking Automatic Speech Recognition 2007/08
Walter Kellermann Acoustic Signal Processing for Next-Generation Multichannel Human/Machine Interfaces 2007/08

Further Activities