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Image & Video Sensing, Modeling, and Representation
SMR-SEN Image & Video Sensing and Acquisition
Scanning, Sampling and quantization; Sensor systems and distributed sensing; Video stabilization and autofocus; Intrinsic and extrinsic camera model estimation; Coded aperture systems; Omnidirectional imaging and plenoptics
SMR-SMD Statistical-Model Based Methods
System and image-prior modeling; Doubly-stochastic models; Bayesian methods; Statistical regularization techniques; Model selection; Algorithms for iterative and recursive estimation; Noise and system models; Natural image models
SMR-STM Structural-Model Based Methods
Morphological models; Graphical and tree-based models; Semantic models
SMR-REP Image & Video Representation
Multi-scale and multi-orientation representation; Geometry and texture representation; Object based representation; Hierarchical representation; Sparse representation
SMR-HPM Perception and Quality Models for Images & Video
Human visual system modeling; Perceptually optimized algorithms and methods; Quality metrics and assessment tools
Image & Video Processing Techniques
TEC-PRC Linear and Nonlinear Filtering of Images & Video
Linear and nonlinear filtering; Morphological filtering; Regression techniques
TEC-PDE Partial Differential Equation Based Processing of Images & Video
Level set methods; Anisotropic diffusion
TEC-MRS Multiresolution Processing of Images & Video
Wavelets; Filter banks; Scale-space; Multigrid methods; Hierarchical Processing
TEC-RST Restoration and Enhancement
Contrast enhancement, deblurring, and denoising; Multiframe image restoration; Inpainting and image synthesis
TEC-ISR Interpolation, Super-Resolution, and Mosaicing
Interpolation and superresolution; Mosaicing, registration, and alignment; Multi-image fusion
TEC-FOR Formation and Reconstruction
Inverse methods; Tomography and reconstruction; Compressive sensing
TEC-BIP Biomedical and biological image processing
Segmentation and quantitative analysis; Biomedical image registration and fusion; Anatomical, functional, and molecular data analysis; Computer assisted screening and diagnosis; Visualization of biomedical data
Image & Video Communications
COM-LOC Lossy Coding of Images & Video
Transform coding; Motion compensated coding; Wavelet-based coding; Scalable coding; Transcoding; Vídeo compression standards; Multiple description coding; Distributed coding; Multispectral and biomedical image compression; Perceptual coding
COM-LLC Lossless Coding of Images & Video
Lossless and near lossless coding; Predictive coding; Revisable transforms
COM-ERC Error Resilience and Channel Coding for Image & Video Systems
Joint source/channel coding; Error resilience and error concealment; Video streaming; Content adaptation
COM-NET Imaging & Video Networks
Sensor networks; Distributed imaging; Networking; Image and Video communication protocols
COM-WSE Image & Video Processing for Watermarking and Security
Image processing for watermarking; Printing and imaging security; Image and video encryption; Forensic imaging
COM-MMC Image & Video Multimedia Communications
Multimedia with image and video content; Multimedia event synchronization; Multimedia coding and transmission
Electronic Imaging
ELI-SDP Image Scanning and Capture
Scanners and cameras; Imaging sensors; High dynamic range imaging
ELI-COL Color and Multispectral Imaging
Color Imaging; Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging
ELI-PRT Printing and Halftoning
Quantization and Halftoning; Display and printing systems; Variable data printing; Print quality assessment; Subpixel rendering
ELI-DOC Scanned Document Analysis, Processing, and Coding
Page segmentation; Text/graphics/picture classification; Background suppression; Neutral color detection; Graphics vectorization; Optical character recognition; Document coding; Binary image coding; Mixed raster content coding; Document analysis and synthesis
ELI-STE Stereoscopic and Multiview Processing and Display
Stereo image processing; Multiview image processing; 3D modeling & synthesis; Camera calibration; Stereoscopic and Multiview and 3-D coding; Stereoscopic and Multiview displays and systems
ELI-HDW Hardware and Software Systems for Image & Video Processing
Special purpose hardware systems; Hardware and software co-design; Parallel and distributed systems
Computational Imaging
COI-AUI Acoustic and Ultrasound Imaging
Ultrasound imaging; Acoustic imaging
COI-MCI Microscopic Imaging
Optical, confocal, multiphoton, and nonlinear microscopy; Electron microscopy; Atomic force microscopy
COI-TOM Tomographic Imaging
Computed transmission tomography (CT); Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT); Positron emission tomography (PET); Optical coherence tomography (OCT); Diffuse optical tomography (DOT)
COI-MRI Magnetic resonance imaging
MRI reconstruction; MRI acquisition systems
COI-RRG Radar Imaging, Remote Sensing, and Geophysical Imaging
Acoustic imaging; Radar and terahertz imaging; Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging; Inverse SAR imaging; Astronomical imaging; Infrared, multispectral, and hyperspectral imaging; Geophysical and seismic imaging
COI-HDW Hardware and Software Systems for Computational Imaging
Special purpose hardware systems; Hardware and software co-design; Parallel and distributed systems
Image & Video Analysis, Synthesis, and Retrieval
ARS-RBS Region, Boundary, and Shape Analysis
Segmentation; Classification; Edge and boundary detection; Active-contour and level-set methods; Morphological analysis methods; Shape models and metrics; Stochastic shape and region models
ARS-IVA Image & Video Mid Level Analysis
Detection, tracking, and recognition of objects; Motion estimation and optical flow; Shape-from-X; Pose estimation; Change detection; Video surveillance
ARS-IIU Image & Video Interpretation and Understanding
Object recognition and classification; Foreground/background segregation; Scene analysis
ARS-BIM Image & Video Biometric Analysis
Fingerprint analysis; Face and gesture recognition and tracking; Body models and gait analysis; Iris and retinal analysis
ARS-SRE Image & Video Storage and Retrieval
Indexing and retrieval; Browsing, navigation, and relevance feedback; Metadata extraction and semantic analysis; Video shot, scene, and event detection; Content summarization; Multimodal retrieval involving image and video
ARS-SRV Image & Video Synthesis, Rendering, and Visualization
Image rendering; Texture synthesis; Visualization and graphic rendering; Image and video synthesis; Image-based representation and rendering
New and Emerging Research topics
NEW New or Emerging Research Topics Not Covered by EDICS