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Apr 27, 2016


EMR.AI Inc.,San Francisco, CA

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, EMR.AI Inc. is a leading provider of AI solutions to the medical sector.  EMR.AI transforms unstructured information, in form of written, spoken, or typed reports, clinical test results, and radiographs into international standard codes saved in common EMR systems. The wealth of discrete medical data provided through this transformation in conjunction with EMR.AI's suite of medical analytics solutions enables stakeholders, practitioners, researchers, health providers, and policy makers to obtain a comprehensive picture of the available medical data in their organization.


EMR.AI Research & Development has openings for Research Scientists in the field of Natural Language Processing in our Downtown San Francisco offices.  Scientists will work on projects spanning a variety of tasks including the semantic interpretation of written and spoken medical reports, the design of language models for a variety of NLP tasks and speech recognition, the summarization of written and spoken language in the medical domain, the incorporation of lexica, ontologies, relational databases, and other sources of structured and unstructured knowledge sources into EMR.AI’s medical NLP tool set, and others.

This is a unique opportunity to be part of a cutting-edge R&D team in the epicenter of the world’s AI tech industry with true impact on medical research.


  • Process huge corpora of medical textual documents to perform syntactic and semantic analyses and train, tune, and test probabilistic and other data-driven models, using both existing tool benches, proprietary and open-source, as well as self-developed algorithms and techniques.
  • Produce high-quality programs and scripts to embed scientific algorithms into effective prototypes and demos to be shared with EMR.AI’s leadership team, its customers, partners, and vendors.
  • Create and document technological innovations by means of patent disclosures, scientific publications, media alerts, and other channels.
  • Work closely with EMR.AI’s speech processing team and its software engineering division to produce innovative and effective solutions for a range of AI products and services in the medical domain.
  • Represent the R&D division in communications with EMR.AI’s leadership team, its customers, partners, and vendors at meetings, conventions, and other venues as well as in written statements.


PhD in computer science, computational linguistics, electrical engineering, or a related field.  Experience in the state of the art of NLP and its standard tools is required.  Candidates must be very skilled in programming and must have a proven scientific track record.  They must be excellent team players, including with distributed teams, and strong in oral and written English communication.  Knowledge of the US medical sector is desirable, so are experience with start-ups and strong scientific connections throughout the Bay Area and beyond.


EMR.AI offers competitive salaries, an excellent benefit package, and a stimulating work environment in the heart of San Francisco with manifold local, domestic, and international commercial and academic partnerships.


Please send your application documents to



90 New Montgomery St
San Francisco, CA 94105, USA

phone: +1-415-200-8535