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Feb 15, 2010

SPS Member Registration Fees

In late 2009 the SPS Executive Committee approved a motion that called for restructuring the registration fee for the conferences owned by the IEEE Signal Processing Society so as to give a significant discount to members of the Society over discounts available to IEEE members who are not Society members. For conferences where the registration fees have not yet been published it is appropriate to implement this new policy.

While the motion did not specify an amount of the discount, the philosophy is to structure the fees in such a way that the IEEE members would get perhaps a 20% discount on the non-member rates, and then the SP members would get an additional 30% or so discount. An example of this can be found in the registration rates for THEMES this year. (

The Society's goal is to encourage, through its conference fee structure, IEEE Members to become Signal Processing Society members prior to registering for our conferences. To make signing up for SPS membership a little more convenient, we recommend placing a link to the IEEE Membership web page on the conference registration web page.