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Feb 16, 2012

PDF eXpress Step-by-Step

What is PDF eXpress?

PDF eXpress or PDF eXpress Plus, is an online based tool that converts authors PDFs to a compliant format compatible with IEEE Xplore®. PDF eXpress PLUS has the same functions as PDF eXpress with one additional feature. Each author deposits his or her validated PDF on the site for collection by the technical program chair. The tool is free to IEEE Conference Organizers. As a conference organizer, you can apply for a PDF Express or PDF Express Plus site once you have submitted the IEEE Conference Publication Form and received your Letter of Acquisition (LoA).

Once your account is set-up, you will receive a customized PDF eXpress webpage, exclusive to your conference.

To set-up PDF eXpress or PDF eXpress Plus:
Step 1: Fill out the PDF eXpress or PDF eXpress site setup request form (PDF eXpress) (PDF eXpress Plus)
Step 2: The customized page will be set-up for you and open on the specified ‘site open date’ (this date is what you listed in the site setup request form).. Once completed; you will receive instructions from “IEEE PDF” support to post on your conference website. Typically this link is placed on the Author Information page. The instructions give a step by step on how authors should submit their paper through PDF eXpress. Some other information included in the instructions is proper placement of the copyright footer on each page.

To use PDF eXpress:
Step 1: After the authors submit their paper to the conference PDF eXpress site they will be advised whether their paper was compliant.
Step 1A: If not, they are given tips on how to fix the PDF.
Step 1B: If the paper is compliant with IEEE Xplore®, the author will be notified.
Step 2: After using PDF eXpress the author can submit their final paper to the conference paper submission system. If using PDF eXpress Plus the paper will be stored in a file accessible to the Technical Program Chair.

For more information on PDF eXpress and PDF eXpress Plus, please visit the link below.