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Oct 19, 2011


As we transfer our business needs to the cloud, conferences must assure that a meeting facility has enough bandwidth to handle the demands for internet connectivity during your conference. There are many activities occurring simultaneously throughout the day of a conference to consider:

A. The Registration Booth requires constant access to the Internet to connect to their database. A majority of registration tools now are web based and internet connectivity to send and receive information. In addition, the internet is needed to process payments for on-site registration. Due to the critical importance of the security of this activity it is wise to use a wired connection.

B. Exhibitors need to have access to the internet for demos, processing orders, etc….

C. Presenters should have the ability on a moment’s notice connect to the internet to support presentation, e.g. to stream live a video clip, sound clip, etc.

D. The Internet Café permits attendees, to connect with family, employers, colleagues, and allows access to the latest announcements on the conference website.

E. The ever increasing popularity of smart phones and tablets in use by about 90% of attendees on site also must be considered.

How can you make sure the meeting facility has enough bandwidth to handle it all?

You need to take a few minutes to measure the bandwidth when conducting your site visit of the meeting facility. Use your lap top or other internet device in each area of the meeting facility (i.e. lobby, breakout rooms, and lecture halls) to sample the connectivity speed. While connected to the network, visit or or Click “Start Test” or “Test Download” and wait for the speed to be measured. Then compare the speed rate against the following guideline.