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Aug 26, 2011

Conference Finance - Policy Changes

Several recent procedural changes became approved policy during the ICASSP 2011 Board of Governors meeting.

These changes are a response to the changing financial climate at IEEE and the changes in the Society’s conference business. As some of you were notified last month, IEEE’s independent auditors determined that there is an almost $3 million gap in financial reporting due to late-closing conferences. Therefore, conference teams throughout IEEE are being asked not only to exert every effort, but succeed, in closing conferences within six months of the end of the conference.

The revised SPS policies are designed to make it easier for the Society to close our conferences within six months of the last day of the conference.

Please take a few minutes of your time to read the revised policies online;Signal Processing Society Policy and Procedures Manual section 7. The policies that have been revised, added, or replaced are 7.2, 7.2.1, and 7.7.2.