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Apr 17, 2011

Mobile Apps for Conferences

Mobile Applications have become very popular in the past few years and are being created for just about everything, mobile apps for conferences are a topic of discussion in the meeting planning field. Below is just a small list showing the benefits of having a mobile application for your event.

  • Real-time access to event information – With constant changes to conferences, updated information can be immediately available to conference attendees.
  • Less paper used onsite - The Program Guides given out at conferences get bigger and bigger every year. The option of an electronic version of the program guide can cut down on the amount of paper used and reduce costs.
  • Real-time feedback – Surveys can be sent to attendee’s in real time. This helps to get the information while it is fresh. It can help to get an issue discovered in the survey corrected while onsite.
  • Social mobile networking – Yet another way for attendees to network, they can arrange to meet at the conference and exchange ideas. It is also a way for meeting planners to stay on top of issues that may arise during an event.
  • Branding – Mobile apps are extremely popular and give the impression of being-up-to-date on the newest technology.
  • Improved analytics – Mobile apps have the ability to track page views and other attendee activity throughout the conference.
  • Management tools - Mobile apps can also help the Professional Conference Organizers with the ability to store related information on a smart phone or mobile device.