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Feb 26, 2011

What Attendee Surveys Teach Us

Going into a conference, both you as the conference organizer and the attendees have pre-conceived notions of how the conference will go and what you will get out of it. After the conference, it's important to follow-up with attendees to find out if it met or exceeded the attendees’ expectations. Surveys teach us what if anything should be done differently in the future.

We use surveys to rate everything from the logistics of a conference to the quality of the program to whether attendees would want to attend the event in the future or if they will recommend it to a colleague.

The surveys conducted in 2010 taught us that the most important part of a conference is the technical program. The attendees want the paper quality to be high and the presentations to be well-done. The attendees also want quality food and an easy way to get from one session to another. Also, attendees would like reliable, convenient wireless internet connectivity.