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Feb 22, 2011

Technical Co-Sponsorships

The IEEE Policy 10.1.5 requires SPS to define, among other things, how SPS will be directly and substantially involved in the technical program. To comply with this policy we developed a Technical Co-Sponsorship (TCS) application form.

The new TCS application was approved by the SPS Conference Board. The new application standardizes and simplifies the TCS process for both the applicant and the Conference Board Executive Subcommittee.

Applicants for TCS are now required to list at least three members of the corresponding SPS Technical Committee (TC) who will serve on the technical program committee. This requirement ensures TC involvement.

The TCS application is located on the SPS website under the Conference Resources tab. If you know of a non-SPS conference that would like to have technical, non-financial support from the Society please have them contact me.

If you would like to bring a technical co-sponsor to your conference please contact me for assistance.

- Nicole Allen