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Dec 15, 2010

Countdown to 2011

Thank you and congratulations to the Conference Organizers of 2010! Because of your hard work and dedication SPS had another year of exemplary conferences. Below are a few of the many highlights from 2010 Conference activity.

  • ICASSP and ICIP both had record attendance, as did several workshops.
  • THEMES was launched.
  • ICME has been re-energized.

The Conference Services staff has, in our own way, contributed:

  • Standard, post-conference survey was introduced
  • This Newsletter
  • Improved the conference publicity procedures
  • ICASSP 2010 plenary talks and THEMES presentations added to the collection
  • Collaborated with Advisory Committees to configure the COS tools.

The Conference Board has had a busy year as well

  • Policies on non-presented papers, logos on websites, sister organizations, and plagiarism
  • Endorsed ICIP 2015 (Quebec) and ICIP 2016 (Phoenix) locations and teams.
  • Established ad hoc committees to study Improving ICASSP and ICIP; posting slide on Xplore; industry-friendly conferencing; improving student experiences; and improving the review process and conference evaluation.

Conference Services staff look forward to another productive, exciting year working with you. In addition to supporting you directly, we have several projects with target completion dates in 2011. Our project list includes project management tools, event database, improve conference organizer resources online, simplified post-conference reporting, no-show guide for authors, welcome packet for new conference organizers, and the implementation of COS. Of course this newsletter will continue as a bi-monthly publication. We have many articles and new features planned for the 2011 editions. We hope you find the C O Newsletter beneficial and we look forward to supporting you in 2011 and beyond.

- Lisa Schwarzbek, Conference Services Manager,