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Membership Grades


A Member of the Signal Processing Society shall hold the grade of Member, or higher grade, in the IEEE. A Member shall have the right to vote in general elections and to run for Society office in accordance with the Bylaws.


An Affiliate shall not be a member of IEEE but shall, by payment of appropriate dues and fees, qualify for Society membership. Society Affiliate membership may be based on membership in other organizations or IEEE societies that have been recognized for affiliation purposes by specific action of the Society's Board of Governors (BoG). An Affiliate has the rights and privileges of a Society Member. An Affiliate may serve in an appointive capacity that does not require IEEE membership as a prerequisite.


An Associate shall be a member of the IEEE and shall pay appropriate IEEE and Society dues and fees. An Associate shall have the right to vote in Society general elections and shall have the rights and privileges of a Society Member, except the right to serve in an elective capacity.


Student grade is open to IEEE Student Members. Student Members do not vote in Society elections, nor may they serve in an elective or appointive capacity for other than Student activities.