Categories: Conference News
      Date: Aug 26, 2011
     Title: Conference Planning Tips
Improve the quality of internet

Keep the conference fresh

Improve the quality of internet provided at the conference:

• Understand the venue's capabilities-how much activity can the network handle?

• Provide a help desk or telephone number so attendees can get the help they need

• Include wired solutions with Wi-Fi in an internet café

• Monitor daily internet usage and make adjustments as needed.

• Provide utlization reports to the next year's conference organizing committee to assist in planning the next conference

Keep the conference fresh during and after the conference:

• Strean live scenes from the event on the website and offer new content from speakers or participants daily.

• Refresh the website after the event is over so that the website is not left stagnant for months or years. Posting information about the proceedings or pictures from social events of the conference on the website can help to entice new registrations for the next event. It will also keep the conference in the minds of the attendees well after it is over.

• Post information about the next conference in the series to keep the attendees involved in the series. Include a link to the next conference’s website and a note from the next general chair inviting them to come back for another great conference.