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The IEEE Signal Processing Society Online Video Library (SigView)

SPS is delighted to announce the launch of SigView, its flagship online video library: SigView is an open benefit for all SPS members, allowing you to create, host, link and distribute videos of talks, lectures, tutorials or any other media. It also puts tutorials created by the world’s leading signal processing experts at your fingertips.

SigView spans the breadth of the SPS topics of interest including, amongst many others:

  • Audio & Acoustic Signal Processing
  • Biomedical Signal Processing
  • Image, Video & Multimedia Signal Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Signal Processing Applications
  • Embedded Signal Processing
  • Communications Signal Processing
  • Multidimensional Signal Processing
  • Sampling and Signal Reconstruction Techniques

Open For Submissions:
SigView is now open for use by the entire SPS membership. Any member can use SigView to create and host their videos from a range of materials, including:

  • PowerPoint or PDF slidedecks
  • Video & Audio
  • Webpages

SigView allows anyone to combine these materials into a video using only a web browser – there is no need for specialized software. Here’s how it’s done:

Direct Links to videos: [PP - | PDF -]

From a PowerPoint:
  From a PDF:

sigView Opportunities:

  • Contributions
    SigView welcomes your submissions anytime. Creating a SigView is simple – all you need is a set of presentation slides or a video which you would like to see hosted. Email your interest to the following:
    • Proposed Title
    • Your Name & Affiliation
  • Community Members
    SigView always welcomes new review and editorial members. If you would like to register as a SigView reviewer or editor, mail

SigView Editorial Board:

Chief Editor: John McAllister (Queen’s University Belfast, UK)
Editorial Members