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Chapter Certification Process

Chapter Certification Form

Chapter Certifications


The overall intent of this program is to diagnose and improve the state of Chapters within SPS to address the actual condition in interest, activity level, membership, rate of recruiting, and general activities of SPS Chapters.


Once a year, when L31 forms are submitted.

Certificate Benefits

Chapters which are granted with the Certification will receive in the following year:

  • A certificate of merit plaque to the Chair
  • An appreciation certificate to each officer of the Chapter
  • Once they have their Certificate, the Chair (or his/her representative) can apply for a travel support grant (up to $1,000 per Chapter) to attend one Chapter Chairs Meeting during the four year certification period.

Chapters which are granted with the Certification will receive in the following four years during which the Certificate is valid:

  • Visibility at the SPS Webpage
  • More weight for IEEE SPS conferences offering a travel grant.
  • Membership growth reward: Ability to request $50 per new member (up to $500) in additional funding for things such as networking events, poster awards, and food for seminars. The more new members they have the more likely it is that they can get the maximum amount. (Item subject to budget approval)

Chapter Development Status

Chapters which apply for the certificate must submit a report to the Chapter Review Committee, describing the following items:

Major items:

  • Actual Chapter Organization and Management
  • Contextual operational situation
  • Chapter initial objectives
  • List of activities in the previous year
  • Chapter policies (e.g local geographical synergies with other chapters)
  • Revised objectives for following year
  • Speakers (DLs and other technical talks)
  • Networking Meetings
  • Administrative meetings
  • Member Recruitment Activities and analysis
  • Technical courses

Additional items:

  • Workshops and Conferences organization
  • Recognitions granted
  • SP Student Branches development
  • Joint Chapters management
  • Assisting authors not publishing in SPS publications to join SPS
  • Chapter Authorities Leadership outstanding remarks
  • Give-aways to attract attendance
  • Notes/Suggestions

Chapters willing to compete for Chapter-of-the-Year Award (CoYA) should indicate it in their form. Fully approved chapters maintain its status for four years.

Certification Process

  1. Around January: Yearly submission of a defined self-evaluation (4 pages max.) document to SPS Chapter Review Committee.
  2. The Chapter Review Committee provides to the Executive Office the completed scoresheet that includes the Regional Director’s comments on each Chapter. The results (status) can be "Fully Approved" (FA) or "Not Approved" (NA).
  3. ICASSP: The Chapter Review Committee makes a recommendation for the (FA) chapters at ICASSP to the Membership Board to grant the certification.
  4. May: Notification letters to the Chapter Chairs that include the Regional Director’s comments for each Chapter.
  5. The Certificate is valid for 4 years, accountable from the year it was earned.