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Regional Directors-at-Large

Regional Directors-at-Large (RDaL) are in charge of promoting the Society's mission on a regional basis, taking into account geographical diversity to expand and integrate with the Signal Processing community.

The duties of Regional Directors-at-Large are to:

  • serve as non-voting members of Board of Governors;
  • provide liaison for the Society’s Chapters with the IEEE’s Regions and Sections, with the means of four Regional Committees: Regions 1-6 (US), 7/9 (Canada/Latin America), 8 (Europe/Middle East/Africa) and 10 (Asia/Pacific Rim);
  • Chair the Regional Committees to promote technical liaison, membership development and Conference organization to regions;
  • promote and foster local activities (such as conferences, meetings, social networking); encourage new chapter development with the support of the Chapters Committee Regional Representatives; assisting established Chapters via promotion, topics, media or technical speakers for chapter meetings;
  • foster nominations for Chapters for the “Chapter of the Year Awards”;
  • represent their regions to the core of SPS;
  • offer advices to improve membership relations, recruiting and service to their regions;
  • guide and work with their corresponding chapters to serve their members, as appropriate and;
  • assist Vice President-Membership in conducting chapter reviews.



Regions 1 through 6 Region 7 Region 9 Region 8 Region 10