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Signal Processing Magazine Best Column Award

The Signal Processing Magazine Best Column Award shall honor the author(s) of a column of exceptional merit and broad interest on a subject related to the Society's technical scope and appearing in the Society's magazine. The prize shall consist of $500 per author (up to a maximum of $1500 per award) and a certificate. In the event that there are more than three authors, the maximum prize shall be divided equally among all authors and each shall receive a certificate. To be eligible for consideration, an article must have appeared in the Columns and Forums Section of the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine in any issue predating the Spring Awards Board meeting of the current year (typically held in conjunction with ICASSP) for example, for the 2016 Award, the paper must have appeared in an issue of the Signal Processing Magazine before March 2016. Presentation shall be made either at the Society's Awards Ceremonies, normally held during ICASSP in the Spring or at ICIP in the Fall following selection of the winner. Judging shall be on the basis of quality and effectiveness in presenting subjects of broad interest to the Society's members. A board or committee cannot nominate one of its members for the award. However, a member of a board or committee can be nominated by another board or committee. Current members of the Signal Processing Society's Awards Board are ineligible. Self-nominations are not accepted or considered. There shall be an open call for nominations reaching all Society members. Nominations will also be solicited from specific boards/ committees of the Society, which are the technical committees, editorial boards and the major boards of the Society. Nominations may arise from any individual or committee/board. Nominations shall be submitted directly to the Society’s Awards Board, who is responsible for vetting all the nominations and subsequent balloting by the Awards Board.

Nominations must be received by the Awards Board Chair as follows: