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Volunteer Opportunities


Reviewers and associate editors provide an invaluable service to the society in helping maintain the high quality and timeliness of our publications (Click here for a list of publications sponsored or co-sponsored by the Signal Processing Society). Our guidelines require at least three reviewers for every paper submitted to one of our journals. Considering that we receive thousands of submissions to our publications every year, the workload in organizing and conducting the peer review of these submissions is immense. If you're not already involved in the peer review process for the society, consider lending us your technical expertise in one of the following ways, appropriate to your background in the field:


Qualifications: solid familiarity with the past and current literature in at least one of the topical areas covered by a journal (usually found within the EDICS listed for the journal), preferably a record of publications in one of these areas (conference publications would be sufficient), ability to complete a quality review within a six-week timeframe. Both reviewers with a deep understanding of narrow topical areas and those with broad expertise in a general area are needed. Reviewers need not be an IEEE member.

To Volunteer:To Volunteer: Contact the editor-in-chief or (preferably) an appropriate associate editor of the journal(s) you're interested in being involved with. Include a description of your technical experience along with the EDICS of the areas you feel you are qualified to review papers for. Follow the links on the societies main publication page to find the names of the editors and the EDICS associated with each journal.

Guidelines For Reviewers

Associate Editors

Qualifications: Membership in the society (or in a sister society for the case of co-sponsored publications), previous experience as a reviewer for a journal, a track record of publications in the journal, typically several years of post-graduate experience, recommendation from a technical committee is very helpful, ability to calmly and wisely mediate disputes between reviewers and authors, committment to handling paper reviews in a time-efficient and unbiased manner.

To Volunteer: The preferred method is to contact the Technical Committee most closely allied with your interests and ask them to consider recommending you to the editor-in-chief of the journal you would like to work with. Alternatively, you can contact the editor-in-chief directly. Include a resume, publication list, and the EDICS areas you feel qualified to handle.

Guidelines for Associate Editors