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Volunteer Opportunities

The IEEE Signal Processing Society relies on well over 1000 volunteers for its operation, 700+ of which serve in official capacities. Without the support of these dedicated individuals, the society would cease to exist. A common misperception is that one must be a world-renowned leader in the field in order to be involved in the society. While some positions require a certain level of technical expertise, there are many volunteer opportunities for which society membership and a desire to serve are all that are necessary. If you're not already involved, we encourage you to consider lending your time and talents to the Signal Processing Society. Some ideas on finding the right volunteer assignment for you can be found in the links below. If you have any questions not addressed below, feel free to contact the Society Executive Office at


The strength of our society lies in the quality of our publications. We are always looking for qualified individuals to serve as reviewers, associate editors, organizers of special issues of our Transactions and Magazine, etc.

Conferences & Workshops

The society sponsors several technical meetings every year that require an immense amount of work. In addition to organizing the technical program, volunteers are needed to help with logistical issues such as local arrangements, registration, exhibits, etc.

Society Liaisons & Representatives

The society must continually interact with the main IEEE organizational body as well as with sister societies in the IEEE on issues of common interest (e.g., the History Center, electronic libraries, multimedia, wireless communications, medical imaging, etc.). Volunteers are needed to serve as liaisons to these other IEEE entities, representing the Signal Processing Society's interests.

Technical Committees

The technical sub-specialties within the society are represented by 12 committees composed of anywhere from 15 to 40 members. Members typically serve three-year terms, so there are several new positions available every year on each committee.

Local Signal Processing Society Chapters

There are currently 136 local chapters of the Signal Processing Society organized around the world. If you live near one and haven't participated, contact the chapter chair and volunteer to help where needed. If there isn't a chapter near you, consider forming one.

Technical Committee Affiliate Members

There are 12 Technical Committees of the Society, but membership is limited. However, you can still be involved by joining as an Affiliate Member. Technical Committee Affiliate Members are non-elected, non-voting members of a particular Technical Committee and membership is open to: IEEE student members interested in the scope of a given Technical Committee; IEEE SPS members (any grade) interested in the scope of a given Technical Committee; or Members of some professional organizations in interdisciplinary fields within the Society’s Technical Committee’s scope, such as language processing or biological sciences and are not IEEE members. Further details can be found at the above link.

IEEE Volunteer Resources

Follow the link above for a comprehensive list of resources available to IEEE volunteers in all aspects of the society, including those described on this page and other opportunities not discussed here.