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Society Liaisons/Representatives

Note: Dates refer to term end date (mm/dd/yy).

Author Education
Liaison: Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas (12/31/16)

AVSS Steering Committee
IVMSP Technical Committee Representative: Pascal Frossard (06/30/16)
Member-at-Large: Hanseok Ko (06/30/16)
Member-at-Large: Janusz Konrad (06/30/16)
Associate Member: Eduardo Morani (06/30/16)
Associate Member: Senem Velipasalar (06/30/16)

Biometrics Council
Representative: Patrick Flynn (12/31/17)

Brain-Machine Interface Initiative
Representative: Jose Principe (12/31/18)

Cloud Computing Initiative
Representative (Conferences): Jasha Droppo (12/31/17)
Representative: Nikos Sidiropoulos (12/31/17)

Computing in Science and Engineering Magazine Editorial Board
Representative: Mrityunjoy Chakraborty (12/31/16)

Council on Radio Frequency Identification
AdCom Representative: Shashikant Patil (12/31/17)
AdCom Representative: Rui Zhang (12/31/17)
Associate Editor: Shashikant Patil (12/31/17)
Associate Editor: Rui Zhang (12/31/17)
Steering Committee Representative: Shashikant Patil (12/31/17)

ICME Steering Committee
Dong Xu (12/31/17)
Tao Mei (12/31/16)

IEEE Environmental Engineering Initiative
Fredrik Gustafsson (12/31/16)

IEEE Fellow Committee
Representative: K. J. Ray Liu (12/31/16)

IEEE Life Sciences Letters
Arrate Muñoz Barrutia (12/31/16)
Michael Liebling (12/31/16)

IEEE Women in Engineering Committee
Representative: Sally Wood (12/31/17)

Internet of Things Journal
Representative: Yen-Kuang Chen (12/31/18)

Internet of Things World Forum
Representative: Rongshan Yu (12/31/18)

ISBI Steering Committee
Chair: Elsa Angelini (Term date TBD)
Jens Rittscher (12/31/16)
Michael Unser (12/31/16)
Ge Wang (12/31/16)

Journal on Biomedical Health Informatics
Eric Fosler-Lussier (12/31/16)
Yue Joseph Wang (12/31/16)

MultiMedia Magazine Editorial Board
Representative: Andrea Cavallaro (12/31/17)

Security and Privacy Magazine
Representative: Anderson Rocha (12/31/18)

Sensors Council
Representative: Ali H. Sayed (12/31/17)

Society on Social Implications of Technology
Representative: Alessandro Piva (12/31/17)

Software Defined Networks (SDN) Initiative
Representative: Brian Evans (12/31/17)

TAB Magazine Committee
Member: Min Wu (12/31/17)

TAB Management Committee
Member: K. J. Ray Liu (12/31/18)

TAB Periodicals Committee
Member: Peter Willett (12/31/17)

TAB Periodicals Review and Advisory Committee
Representative: Mari Ostendorf (12/31/16)

TAB/PSPB Products and Services Committee
Representative: Kostas Plataniotis (12/31/16)

Transactions on Affective Computing
Representative: Alex Potamianos (11/30/16)

Transactions on Big Data
Representative: Malcolm Slaney (12/31/17)

Transactions on Cognitive Communications and Networks
Chair: Geoffrey Li (12/31/17)
Shuguang (Robert) Cui (12/31/17)

Transactions on Medical Imaging
Dana Brooks (12/31/17)
Erik Meijering (12/31/17)

Transactions on Mobile Computing Steering Committee
Chair: Wade Trappe (12/31/16)
Wanjiun Liao (12/31/18)
Nicholas (Nikos) Sidiropoulos (12/31/17)

Transactions on Multimedia Steering Committee
Christine Guillemot (12/31/18)
Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas (12/31/17)

Transactions on Smart Grid
Hao Zhu (12/31/16)

Transactions on Wireless Communications Steering Committee
Representative: Urbashi Mitra (12/31/18)

Wireless Communications Letters Steering Committee
Yingbo Hua (12/31/19)
Dapeng (Oliver) Wu (12/31/17)